Warangal Warriors v/s Khammam Cheetahs

Warangal Warriors 22 - 27 Khammam Cheetahs
03 Feb 2017 - 20:00Karimanagar

Warangal Warriors v. Khammam Cheetahs only reinforced the message of the previous match that took place this night- anything can happen in Kabaddi.

The 1st half seemed to drag interminably, with Warangal stealing points away from Khammam with minimal effort.

The Cheetahs decided to go hunting like the big cat that repres
And then the 2nd half started.ents them, and sank their claws into the Warriors. T. Prasad and Laxmi Narayan from Khammam made sure that their team scored enough points to dance just out of reach of the Warriors. Warangal did briefly manage to cover their lost ground, but to no avail. Khammam outstripped them in terms of speed and agility tonight, finishing at 22-27, with a 5 point lead.

Laxmi Narayan won Best Raider for the Cheetahs, and Satish Reddy was awarded Best Defender for the effort he put into trying to tame a wild cat.