Ranga Reddy Raiders vs Siddipet Stallions

Ranga Reddy Raiders 41 - 27 Siddipet Stallions
06 Feb 2017 - 19:00

Ranga Reddy Raiders v. Siddipet Stallions was entirely one sided. The Stallions simply could not withstand the Raiders’ onslaught, buckling right in the first half of the match. We did see some good tackles from them, but it wasn’t enough. The first half closed with an 8 point gap between the teams, with Ranga Reddy at 20, and Siddipet at 12. The second half continued in the same tone, with Muneesh and Ameer from Ranga Reddy (Best Raider and Best Defender respectively) leading a solid one-two strike against the opposition.
Scoring a total of 41 points tonight, Ranga Reddy Raiders has sailed into the finals, and Siddipet Stallions have no choice but to sit it out, with their 27 points.