Ranga Reddy Raiders v/s Siddipet Stallions

Ranga Reddy Raiders 34 - 21 Siddipet Stallions
04 Feb 2017 - 19:00Karimnagar

The Ranga Reddy Raiders walked all over the Siddipet Stallions, in this match. While Ranga Reddy did seem to have come prepared to handle every possible move Siddipet might make, the latter are also guilty of being particularly careless tonight. The Stallions’ game was generously peppered with poorly timed tackles, and uncoordinated teamwork for the ones that were timed well. An early All Out ensured that the Raiders were running rings around the Stallions by the end of the 1st half, with an 8 point lead that they refused to relinquish even after the break. 

The match closed at 34-21, with the Raiders standing tall, and glued to the top of the league table. Best Raider and Best Defender went to Ranga Reddy players Muneesh and Ameer respectively.