Ranga Reddy Raiders v/s Khammam Cheetahs

Ranga Reddy Raiders 38 - 23 Khammam Cheetahs
29 Jan 2017 - 20:00Warangal

Ranga Reddy Raiders vs. Khammam Cheetahs saw the Raiders live up to their name while the Cheetahs, well… they decided to take a cat nap. All the fire that Khammam previously showed in their match against Karimnagar was missing tonight. Selvamani K. from Ranga Reddy effortlessly tore them down and K. Srinivas backed him up with some stellar defence work. K. Srinivas also took home the Best Defender award. Cheetah Lakshmi Narayan won Best Raider for his efforts to keep Khammam afloat, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough, as is evident by the final score of 38-23.