Ranga Reddy Raiders v/s Hyderabad Bulls

Ranga Reddy Raiders 34 - 30 Hyderabad Bulls
27 Jan 2017 - 20:00Warangal

Ranga Reddy Raiders vs. Hyderabad Bulls started off as one of the slowest matches of this season of Telangana Premier Kabaddi. It took a good 12 minutes for the game to pick up, with both teams painstakingly remaining level with each other, with single digit scores. Although Hyderabad closed the first half with a 3 point lead, they paid for it dearly in the second half. Selvamani K. was a force of nature tonight, tearing through the Bulls with a fantastic 4 point raid at about the 13 min. mark in the second half, which earned him the title of Best Raider. Hyderabad put up a formidable fight, but Selva was feeling vengeful and led his Raiders to a 4 point victory over the Bulls. Best Defender went to Ameer from Ranga Reddy Raiders too.⁠⁠⁠⁠