Ranga Reddy Raiders v/s Gadwal Gladiators

Ranga Reddy Raiders 27 - 39 Gadwal Gladiators
02 Feb 2017 - 19:00Karimnagar

Ranga Reddy Raiders vs. Gadwal Gladiators was a tale of unrequited aggression! The match started off slow, with both teams dawdling in single digits almost entirely through the 1st half. However, the Gladiators were merciless in their onslaught, and the Raiders failed to make even a single memorable point. Barring one moment in the 2nd half, when Muneesh from Ranga Reddy got lucky and slid past the midline almost by accident. The Gladiators reclaimed even that one lucky point with interest, by hitting the Raiders with 3 All Outs. Gladiators Mallikarjun and Sagar Sreekrishna were hands down the stars of tonight’s game, winning Best Raider and Best Defender respectively. Special mention must be made of Gladiator Srikanth as well, for without him, this 12 point victory of 36-29 would most certainly have not occurred.