Nalgonda Eagles v/s Siddipet Stallions

Nalgonda Eagles 25 - 34 Siddipet Stallions
30 Jan 2017 - 19:00Warangal

Nalgonda Eagles Vs. Siddipet Stallions saw the former be completely crushed by the latter! The game started off with Nalgonda picking up points with buttery smoothness until the Stallions suddenly decided to stampede them at about the 18th minute. Retrospectively, it almost seems like Siddipet used the 1st half to lull the Eagles into a false sense of security, just so they could take them down in a blitzkrieg in the 2nd half. B. Pavan, winner of Best Raider of this match came through real strong for Siddipet, but the entire team was on point tonight, displaying some terrific teamwork and coordination with their defence. Best Defender went to Veeranna from Nalgonda, for his herculean efforts to keep the Eagles from sinking. Efforts that ultimately fell short, as the match closed at 25-34, Siddipet’s favour.