Nalgonda Eagles v/s Khammam Cheetahs

Nalgonda Eagles 30 - 29 Khammam Cheetahs
05 Feb 2017 - 19:00Karimnagar

Nalgonda Eagles v. Khammam Cheetahs was a real nail-biter of a match!

The Eagles were in unsurprisingly good form, but the Cheetahs who’ve had a rough season were all up in their faces tonight. The first half finished at 19-12, with Khammam trailing, but they fought back tooth and nail as soon as the second half kicked off.

Sivarama Krishna, captain of Nalgonda Eagles played a terrific game tonight, but the star of the team was undoubtedly the Raider Anji, who smacked everyone with a surprise “dupki” move- something we haven’t seen a lot of, this season. Anji went on to claim Best Defender for this match. Best Raider¬†went to Laxminarayana from Khammam, for giving the Eagles something to worry about. Special mention should be made of Cheetah Nirikshan for inflicting an All Out on the Eagles, during the second half. This was the real turning point for Khammam, as it swept 5 points into their kitty in a single stroke.

The match concluded at 30-29, with Nalgonda coming out on top by a single point.