Nalgonda Eagles v/s Hyderabad Bulls

Nalgonda Eagles 22 - 24 Hyderabad Bulls
03 Feb 2017 - 19:00Karimnagar

Nalgonda Eagles v. Hyderabad Bulls taught everyone watching, that you never know which way a Kabaddi match is going to swing. The Eagles kicked off the first half with a fiery attitude, scoring 13 points against the Bulls’ 7. The second half then started with an All Out for the Bulls who saw one of their strongest players- Vishnu- go down hard during a raid, and be taken off court for medical assistance. This seems to have been theturning point for Hyderabad. Vishnu re-entered the game, sporting a bandaged head, and the Bulls went no holds barred for vengeance, scoring point after¬†point until they finally drew level with the Eagles with just 4 mins to go. Things reached a boiling point when even the Eagles lost a player to injury, and Hyderabad finally came out on top with a incredibly slim 2 point lead in the very final seconds of the match! Ending at 22-24, Hyderabad’s Vishnu took home the Best Raider award for his stellar work despite taking a hard knock, and Nalgonda’s Naresh claimed Best Defender for himself.