Nalgonda Eagles v/s Gadwal Gladiators

Nalgonda Eagles 26 - 30 Gadwal Gladiators
28 Jan 2017 - 19:00Warangal

Gadwal Gladiators stuck to their previously successful tactic of playing a slow and steady game, but the Nalgonda Eagles came prepared! Gadwal drew first blood with a 6 point raid about 7.5 mins into the match, and this lead was what they held onto until the final minute of the match. Nalgonda put up a good show, but they did lose a couple of points due to technical errors like the players stepping off court by accident on one occasion. In a nerve wracking twist, the Eagles managed to put a significant dent in the armour of the Gladiators a mere 3 minutes before the match concluded, but Gadwal emerged victorious with a final score of 26-30. Best Raider and Best Defender went to Gladiators Mallikarjun and Shreekrishna.