Khammam Cheetahs v/s Gadwal Gladiators

Khammam Cheetahs 22 - 33 Gadwal Gladiators
26 Jan 2017 - 20:00Warangal

Republic Day has everyone in fighting spirit, tonight! Khammam Cheetahs vs. Gadwal Gladiators started off at snail’s pace, with neither team having scored at all, even 3 mins into the game. And once they did start scoring, neither side let the other have a moment of peace, and remained tied almost all through the first half. The stalemate was finally definitively broken about 3 mins into the second half, when it turned out that Gadwal had been playing a slow burn strategy all along. A slow burn that incinerated the Cheetahs, leaving them to smolder in the ashes of their third consecutive loss. The Gladiators truly earned their first win of the season, tonight.

After beating Khammam 33-22, it comes as no surprise that the Best Raider and Best Defender awards were both secured by Gadwal Gladiators Mallikarjun and Sri Krishna Sagar.