Karimnagar Kings v/s Siddipet Stallions

Karimnagar Kings 32 - 23 Siddipet Stallions
02 Feb 2017 - 20:00Karimnagar

Karimnagar Kings v. Siddipet Stallions was a display of raw power, as the Kings rode a wave of homeground support to tame the Stallions. To their credit, the latter were as submissive as wild horses, putting up a good fight until the very end. The first half seemed to drag on forever, closing at 11-8, with Karimnagar in the lead, but the second half picked up speed in no time at all, when Siddipet decided to start hitting back real hard. Mallesh Gangadhari, captain of the Kings and the Best Raider of this match, was an absolute rockstar on the court tonight. He was also beautifully backed up by his defenders, with his teammate B. Yakanna claiming Best Defender.

Karimnagar also made 4 consecutive Super Tackles tonight, making it look like they didn’t even need a full lineup of 7 players to handle the Stallions. The battle ended at 32-23, with Siddipet’s spirit noticeable broken.