Karimnagar Kings v/s Khammam Cheetahs

Karimnagar Kings 32 - 35 Khammam Cheetahs
27 Jan 2017 - 19:00Warangal

Karimnagar Kings vs. Khammam Cheetahs turned out to be packed with plot twists, tonight. The Cheetahs held their ground pretty well in the first half, but the true breakthrough came when they slammed 3 points into their bag in the final play before the break. Both teams scored an equal number of points in the 2nd half, but Khammam held onto that crucial lead with every claw possible. Closing at 32-35, Khammam’s favour, the Kings had to give up their throne. Best Defender went to the Cheetah Md. Ahmed, who defended his court like he was defending a nation, and Best Raider went to Mallesh from Karimnagar, for being a royal threat to the opponent.