Karimnagar Kings v/s Hyderabad Bulls

Karimnagar Kings 34 - 34 Hyderabad Bulls
29 Jan 2017 - 19:00Warangal

Karimnagar Kings and Hyderabad Bulls were well matched tonight. The Bulls lagged a bit at first, but achieved a breakthrough when their raider Vishnu lowered his horns and tossed point after point into their bag at the 12 minute mark. Karimnagar fought back really hard, never letting the score difference widen by more than 3 points, and in a massive surprise, put themselves back in the lead with just moments to spare for the conclusion of the second half. Hyderabad rallied well, though and closed the gap, bringing the two sides to a 34-34 draw: the first of this season. The night belonged to the raiders Vishnu (Hyderabad) and Mallesh (Karimnagar); the former winning Best Raider. Best Defender went to B. Yakanna of Karimnagar Kings.