Karimnagar Kings v/s Gadwal Gladiators

Karimnagar Kings 29 - 35 Gadwal Gladiators
04 Feb 2017 - 20:00Karimnagar

Karimnagar Kings vs. Gadwal Gladiators had everyone geared up for a fearsome clash, and the teams delivered!

Mallesh Gangadhari pulled Karimnagar ahead in the initial minutes of the match, but Gadwal’s Mallikarjun responded loud and clear, and neither he nor his mates (particularly Srikanth and Sreekrishna) let up even an inch after that. The first half ended at 9-15, with the Kings trailing.

The captain of each team was hyper aware of the other, out on the mat this evening. Mallesh G. in fact, was clearly gunning for Mallikarjun, and this arguably cost the Kings a couple of careless points, but the latter was finally subdued in the final 5 minutes of the match. It was too little too late, but Mallesh’s 2 point raid where he seemed to leap right over half of Gadwal was still a delight to witness.

The Kings and the Gladiators finished at 29 and 35 respectively.

Best Defender and Best Raider both went to Gadwal’s Sreekrishna and Mallikarjun, for their outright rampage against the opposition.